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Frequently Asked Question

Our Frequently Asked And Always Answered Questions…

It is only natural that you will have a few questions. Here we have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q01. How will you determine the fixed price quote and how can I be certain you will not change the pricing?


Once we have sighted your structure and assessed your financial statements, we will determine your costs based on your needs and our estimation of time to complete the work. The quote will remain fixed until further notice in writing of any changes.

Q02. How will I know exactly what service you will be providing?


We will provide a detailed letter itemizing our services that we provide so there is no uncertainty. Additional services are fully outlined and we quote for these prior to any engagement.

Q03. Do I need to contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or my former Accountant? Can you organise all of this for me?


No. We simply write to the ATO and your former Accountant and take care of all the paperwork to ensure we have all your current and historical files and all other background documents. We organise everything for you.

Q04. How will you know if I am paying too much tax or I have the wrong tax structure?


We will simply advise you where you have paid too much and how we can ensure effective taxation solutions all within the tax laws. If we can establish you have grounds to claim back over paid tax in the two prior years, we can arrange to have amended tax returns prepared and lodged so that you receive the funds back into your bank account normally within 7-14 days.

Q05. When I ring do I get access to you as the Partner or am I “fobbed off” to a junior Accountant?


No. As the Principals, we will either take your call on the spot or call back within the same day. We pride ourselves on always being available to clients and see this as a high priority. We refer to this as our amazing customer service.

Q06. Will the tax office take a different view of my tax affairs if I change Accountants?


No. This is a myth! The ATO assesses each client on their individual circumstances, not who their Accountant is or if you have recently changed Accountants.

Q07. Can I be confident that you have the technical recourses to deal with my unique circumstances?


Clients must understand that we will not always have the answers to all complex issues. On that basis, we have specialist taxation experts on hand to ensure you have the best advice. As you can appreciate, Taxation laws are constantly changing and are complex so we recognise at times we need to get the best advice in difficult and complex circumstances. If there is an additional fee from this expert source, we will advise well in advance so that again there are no surprises.

Q08. What additional fees may I need to be aware of and how do I know you will not excessively charge me?


Any services outside our fixed fee will be quoted to you in advance, so that you will know prior to incurring additional costs. These costs are determined on a time-incurred basis and we will quote our charge out rate so that you are in no doubt as to the additional cost before we undertake additional services.

Q09. Can I be assured of confidentiality of my affairs being discussed with my competitors?


Having been owner operators of Hotels we fully understand that ‘loose lips sink ships’. We pride ourselves on your personal confidential affairs and they are never discussed with anybody else let alone your competitors.

Q10. How will the tax office know you are now handling my affairs?


We will lodge signed client authorities forms with the ATO to inform them we will now be acting as your Tax Agent. All future ATO correspondence will then come through our offices so that you should not need to have any direct contact with the ATO.

Q11. What happens if the tax office contacts me?

Q11. What happens if the tax office contacts me?

We recommend you do not talk to the ATO. You simply provide them with our contact details and we will take care of the matter from there… That’s what you pay us for.

Q12. Will you provide me with industry contacts and how do I get access to them?


We will provide you with a list of all of our industry contacts in banking, valuation and legal specialists so you can be assured of the very best Hotel Industry team to deal with all of your issues. That’s not to say we cannot work with your current team however we have alternative industry contacts should you need access to them.

Q13. Will I have access to your larger clients ideas and are we able to meet with them?


Yes, we believe this is one of our many strengths and it provides good networking of ideas.

Q14. How do I know you can do the things you say you can?


I invite you to call my existing clients. I am happy to provide phone numbers of any of my clients if you have any doubt.

Q15. What happens if I have an existing large tax debt I cannot pay, can you help resolve this?


Yes. Another one of our strengths is that we consider ourselves a ‘Dial a Fighter: We Fight For Right. We ‘go into bat for you’ and contact the ATO on your behalf to see if we can tailor a tax arrangement repayment schedule that both you and the ATO are comfortable with and follow through to ensure you do not ‘go off course’.

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